Monthly Archives: June 2015

we are sailing ‘cross the ocean, ‘cross the sea

Had a close look at some pieces of boat keel that have been offered to me for my sculpture project. I think they might be made of teak and they are huge. Too heavy to even turn over. They have been left in scrubland for years and so the undersides are rotting away. They are also full of hidden metal fittings – a carpenter’s nightmare.

small keel piece stern post1  stern post2   stern post3  large keel  small keel piece        stern post                stern post                stern post              large keel piece

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The proposal

Spent today at the museum workshop cutting some shaping moulds for the sculpture that is currently on my mind. My proposal for the sculpture exhibition at the Museum commits me to making 10 sculptures for an exhibition in 9 months time, so I have already been thinking about these in the past 2 or 3 weeks.

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