It’s the final countdown

Here are the details of sculpture number 8 – the final one.


It’s heavily influenced by the maquette I described in “Walk tall” my previous blog. It’s also the second in a series of Carcass sculptures inspired by the old rotting carcasses of wooden boats found up muddy creeks everywhere.


This is Carcass I which can be found in the Sapna Pieroux private collection.

Carcass II will be on display with all the other sculptures in my exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall beginning on the 11 November 2016. Here is a preview.



dscn5898  dscn5893

dscn5896        dscn5906

The wood is teak from an old work surface.

I’m now sprucing up some of the “finished” sculptures and writing texts for the exhibition. Might use some quotes from my blog which started about 18 months ago.










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