Rivers run and rivers flow

In the flooded Lake District, Cumbria, England right now. Steve asked if I am constantly thinking about new sculptures since I am currently involved in my major sculpture project for the national maritime museum Cornwall. It made me wonder why my answer was no


Peter Randal-Page’s sculpture, Derwent Water

I know that being here in the open air is Good for my sculpting but it doesn’t mean I think about new sculptures all the time. I think what I am doing is constantly collecting a vocabulary of three dimensional ideas that one day will become new forms. These are something I will draw upon for years to come. I guess a poet collects words or combinations of words. I collect lumps of things.

i saw a piece of reddish wood that had been in the lake for a long time. It had become rounded all over like a pebble because of recent storms and flooding. I kicked it around for a while and then stored it in memory maybe for later.

further round the lake we found the stone sculpture by Peter Randal-page that has been there for years. It must be one of the few sculptures in the country that has no apparent protection and security. I guess it’s a bit heavy to pick up and run off with. But there it is half submerged in the flooded lake.

Peter Randal- page made the sad granite sculpture found in the middle of the education building at the edenproject. Sad because it needs to be seen from afar and yet is trapped in a tiny space inside the building.

Tomorrow I’ll go out looking through some of the tangled branches and domestic debris that has gathered In the aftermath of the Cumbrian floods. A sad sight.


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