Them bones, them bones …..

It’s nearly show time! I’ve been distributing posters for the sculpture exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall and creating a catalogue.


Skeleton, tulip wood, 190x55x53 cm

This one is why the exhibition is called Skeleton! Its one of the first images that popped into my head as I began to think about all the sculptures I would make that were inspired by traditional wooden boats.




Coracle, birch ply and painted muslin, 113x87x38cm

The Coracle is something really different. All my other sculptures are solid wood and fairly indestructible. If you sat on this one it would be the end and it probably won’t float!

I hope there is something astronomical about it.



Coil, reclaimed pine, 42x14x34cm

This used to be a part of a wooden mast that has sailed the high seas in its time. It used to be dead straight but now its more like a sea creature. I have threaded a length of blue mooring line along the mast track which used to take the main halyard.



Lifeboat, birch ply, 108x45x45cm

I have mixed feelings about this one. It is loosely based on a beautiful model of a life saving capsule which is held in the museum. It is now something completely different! And its quite un-photogenic.



Carcass, teak, 51x41x37cm

This is a little beauty which reminds me of boats and waves on the sea at the same time.




Transom, teak, 44x44x21cm

This used to be the toe rail on the transom of a famous J Class yacht called Shamrock. I cut up the semicircular piece of teak then stuck it back together again. You can still see the holes where deck fittings were attached.



Keel, elm and iron nails, 80x33x33cm

This is the only sculpture carved from a single piece of wood. It used to be the lower keel of Shamrock before it was replaced by Pendennis ship yard in Falmouth. You can see the hole where the keel bolt went, which I have now filled with a large plug.



Ship, birch ply and elm, 90x33x82cm

This is an unusual angle to view Ship from but I liked it as a photographic composition. It has turned out to be a cross between a ship and a bat.


Here is the poster for the exhibition. Hope you can come to see it before the end of April 2017.






3 thoughts on “Them bones, them bones …..

  1. Lisa McCracken

    Wowee Dad, really great to see them all together. Great photos too. I will wait till I see them for real to choose my favourite!



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