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About robjohnsey

I'm the Artist in Residence at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. I will be exhibiting my sculptures in the museum from November to April 2017. Also my second blog is about my visit to Uganda to work with an educational charity Lively Minds.

It’s been a ball

Six months ago my exhibition Skeleton opened at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. These are the opening scenes.

crowd scene 1

Much of the work is moving to a new exhibition in Bristol together with some of my prints. See the end of this blog for details.

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Here it comes again ……

Ok, ok, ok – I know it’s been a long time since I last blogged.

I have slowed down to suit the new deadline for my sculpture exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (which is early November). That’s no excuse, I know, but I am struggling with loosing the momentum I had built up. So here goes the big wind-up to a decent work schedule once more.

This weekend I have been working on Sculpture number 6.



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