Fly me to the stars

It’s funny how artistic decisions are made. Sometimes, after weeks of not being sure, things fall into place at surprising times.


I have been pondering for some time now how to complete my coracle sculpture. Which colour to use, and more importantly why should I use it. I had got to the point when I kind of knew it ought to be a blue. The previous blog shows the coracle sculpture made of three hemispheres, one inside the other, connected by a spiral. The smallest of these is yellow and the middle one is a green blue. I have been playing with the idea of a darker blue for the much larger outer one. In the back of my mind is the solar system with the sun at it’s centre, the spiralling galaxy and Earth greens.

I was sitting quietly thinking about this when two ideas collided and suddenly made a lot of sense. The darkening blue I imagined like the night sky in summer when the horizon is still a pale blue but overhead it is deep enough to show some stars. The stars that will have guided navigators over the years to their destination. Especially sailors. Especially St Piran who, they say, crossed the Irish sea in a coracle-like curragh, of course guided by the stars.

So perhaps the final internal colour should be night sky blue and show some of the constellations. That could be fun deciding which ones. But how to make these dots of white within the dark blue?

Then I remembered the many batik images I have made in the past where molten wax is placed on fabric to resist any colour painted over it. Spots of molten wax, when solid again, will produce white “stars” set in a blue background.

So with any luck my coracle sculpture will have its own “sat nav” built into ┬áits “hull”.




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