Another nice mess you’ve gotten me into Ollie!

Met up with Mike and Carol today – which reminds me…….

Thanks, Mike, for getting me into this fine mess. (Mike invited me to make the first Viking figurehead – Norman – who you have met already in The Proposal). Here’s Mike who is a lot better looking than Norman.

mike and carol

Mike is assistant manager of the Museum’s boat collection and often gets me into all kinds of scrapes. His boat is in the background and has the name of a bird not a two-wheeled child’s vehicle. I think we are sitting on my boat in Fowey.

It was Mike who found me the large scraps of wood in the post We are sailing …..… He also got me rowing a gig last week so he has a lot to answer for. He also made me drink too much at the Falmouth Sea Shanty festival last night. But there you go. Mike is great at connecting people with each other and with their passions.

So thanks Mike and here’s to many more scrapes and adventures.


1 thought on “Another nice mess you’ve gotten me into Ollie!

  1. Mike Selwood

    Far too kind and flattering Rob, you’re there on your own merit. May our friendship continue for many years yet.



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