we’re just dancing in the dark

Decided to get aggressive this morning. Went to my workshop and sawed off the base of the sculpture. Had to use a hacksaw to cut through a couple of screws. I didn’t intend to ever take this thing apart

This is the second sculpture that I have started (the one in Weigh hey and up she rises) and may be one that ends up in the bin. I’ve spent the last 3 days on it hoping that it will get better. I’ve now run out of the right kind of plywood so shall I spend £25 on another sheet? I spent all day cleaning up the glue dribbles etc and fixing the base on again and now it looks better.

Then I read this in the weekend Guardian by Howard Jacobson from a speech he made at the Royal Academy. He’s going on about play in art and he concludes:

“No traveller ever sets out with so little idea of where he is going or how he is going to get there than an artist does. And no traveller gets to a more wonderful place.” Guardian Saturday 20 June 2015.

I think that’s encouraging ………….isn’t it?

I’ll get the plywood tomorrow.


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