Gaudi, Gehry and outrageousness

Spent another day in the workshop working on the details of the first two sculptures.

Just needed to return to my favourite architects today.

Gehry's fish Barcelona

Frank Gehry’s fish building in Barcelona

I still can’t quite believe that a human being can be so outrageous as these two are with buildings. I feel that my sculptures should be equally outrageous so that people stop and look.

Gehry's Gugenheim museum Bilbao

Gehry’s Gugenheim museum Bilbao

Gehry's brick building in Sydney

Gehry’s brick building in Sydney

Gehry's bricks

Gehry’s bricks

Gaudi rooftop

Gaudi rooftop

Gaudi's Sagrada balls

Gaudi’s Sagrada balls

Gaudi's maquette for the Sagrada

Gaudi’s maquette for the Sagrada

Gaudi's Parc Guell

Gaudi’s mosaics in Parc Guell

Is outrageousness a good thing in art? I guess so if it is the opposite of bland. Outrageousness is risky, blandness is safe. Blandness can be passed by without so much as a glance, while artists wants to say something new then they must stop people in their tracks. Getting people to return and look again at something can be achieved in a variety of ways and I suppose a degree of outrageousness is one of them.


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