woke up this morning feelin’ fine ……

Actually woke up this morning and rethought the current sculpture a little. Spent part of the day in my own workshop.

Decided I had done enough drawing and that it would be easier to think this one through by playing with the actual wood. It’s something that I used to write about when I was a lecturer in primary school design and technology. Children, and probably adults too, often get design ideas not by drawing but by playing around with the materials of construction. Wasteful sometimes but effective often.

Here are some of the maquettes I had made earlier in the week to explore some ideas. I was trying to simulate the lines of a clinker built boat. My plan is to construct the sculpture using thin wooden battens to outline these kind of shapes and curves.

paper strip maquette   strips from a plastic milk bottle  DSCN5041

paper strip maquette       strips from a plastic milk bottle

the abandoned drawing

the abandoned drawing

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away……..

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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